Monday, May 11, 2009

Whoa! Long time no see!

Hey gang! Sorry... life apparently got in the way of my blog, and I fell a bit behind ("a bit" meaning a few months).

Honestly, so much has happened that I don't even know where to begin (or where I left off, for that matter!) So, maybe this post will just be a bullet list of everything that's happened since we last "spoke".

Let's see...

We'll start with Tyler:
  • Tyler is talking up a storm these days! If he doesn't know how to say what he wants, he just makes something up. Also, if you catch him at just the right moment, you sometimes even start to hear him sing a little bit of a tune...
  • Tyler also has a girlfriend now - her name is Lilly. Although, from what I'm starting to hear, maybe "stalker" is a better word for it... She LOVES Tyler. We don't really know what Tyler thinks of her though.
  • But Lilly might just be connected to how he finally learned to give actual kisses and not just touching his lips to your cheek...
  • Tyler knows how to open doors now. So, now when we feel something crawling on the bed at 6 in the morning, we've discovered that we're no longer so sure it's just one of the dogs.

Now, onto Austin:
  • Austin is crawling! Yes... not even the zombie crawl he started with. All out crawling. Unfortunately, we're realizing that this is where his curiosity makes him more dangerous than Tyler. Austin is into EVERYTHING! And if he's not actually into something, he's probably in the middle of making a bee-line to the dogs' water bowl or food bowl. Baby magnets...
  • Austin got to meet President Bush! (the younger one). Apparently he was in the building with their daycare for some unknown reason, ran into the babies on a buggy ride in the lobby, and had quite the conversation with Austin. The kid's not even a year old yet and he's already met a president!
  • Austin has his two bottom teeth in front (which he's actually had for quite some time now, silly as they may look all alone in front) - but now he's actually got one in the process of breaking through the top!
  • Austin LOVES food - as long as it's not baby food. Baby food is SOOOooooo yesterday! He loved baby food, till he tried real food. Now, he pretty much insists on eating what everyone else has (even though he just has those two bottom teeth to chew with). Chocolate is his favorite... but he also likes french fries, ramen noodles, mac & cheese, bread, waffles, donuts, fruit, chicken, cookies, dog food, peas, spaghetti, etc... actually, it might be easier to just list what he doesn't like: baby food.
  • Austin likes to have yell-ersations. If you catch him in a good mood, he'll yell in unison with you and you can keep going back and forth like a conversation. He thinks this is awesome. Yes, it's a little loud, but better than Tyler's bird squacks when he was about this age.

There... does that give you a better idea of what you've missed!? Hope so! I'll just have to try to get a little better at keeping this blog thing up... it's harder than it sounds!!! :)